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Exercise and Environmental Protection

Exercise and Environmental Protection

Exercise VS Life

Technology gives us a comfortable life nowadays. We do not need to farm for food and wash clothes with our own hands. Thus, our exercise capacity is likely to deteriorate if we do not practice regular exercise session in our living.


Why not doing exercise?


1. Busy:
  It is wrong.
  Exercising for 30 minutes every day is good enough.
2. Expensive:
  It is wrong.
  Using public facility is cheap and easy.
3. Complicated:
  It is wrong.  
  Simple exercise, like jogging, does not require sophisticated technique.
4. Boring:
  It is wrong.
  You can choose the exercise you like from an endless list of sports.


Advantages of Exercising


Exercise helps you to keep a clear mind and helps building up confidence.
Cardiopulmonary function can be strengthened.
Muscle can be strengthened.
Exercise helps burning the fat away.
Exercise can prevent heart disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and osteoporosis.
Mental stress can be relieved by doing exercise.


Exercise is a life style.


Exercise is good for all of us. Regardless of age, sex and body conditions, exercise can bring us health. Exercise is not restricted to a specific place or time. We can exercise at home, in office and even at street. Building a habit of exercising is vital for us.


Choosing Appropriate Exercise Comparison of various exercises in calories expenditure
Choose exercise with mild and moderate strength first
Choose exercise, which can strengthen major muscle groups
Target at exercising about 30 minutes every day. You can also tailor-make your own exercise programme.


Keep Exercise as a Habit


Tips for you to keep exercise as a habit:
  1. Participate in exercise that you can enjoy.
  2. Encourage your friends and family to join you.
  3. Set a target and record your progress.
  4. Reserve time for exercise in your diary.
  5. Incorporate new ideas into routine exercise regularly,
    e.g. plan a new route for jogging from time to time.


Walking: a Simple and Applicable Exercise


  1. Walking itself is an aerobic exercise. It is beneficial to our cardiac and lung functions.
  2. We can walk everywhere from mountain to shopping arcade, or from playground to office.
  3. Walking can keep us fit. We can integrate walking into our lives, for example:
  Walk to school and office if possible
  Go up and down stairs instead of taking lifts
  Go to a farther food shop to have lunch
  Go shopping in person
  Have a walk after dinner instead of watching TV


Tips for Everyday Life

Reduce the frequency to dine outside Perform house work, and control the time spent on watching TV and accessing the Internet
Participate more in outdoor activities Participate in voluntary activities/ works
Perform gardening Arrange more family activities
    Use public sports facilities