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Supporting Organ Donation
Despite medical advancement, organ transplant has become the only hope for some patients with organ failure in order to live on. However, the limited supply from donation of transplantable organs has made more than 2000 local patients and their family waiting desperately, as the patients count their days in the fight against death. It is more regretful that many patients would die before the right organ match comes. To shorten patients' waiting time for organ transplant and to bring new life, active support for organ donation by members of the public is critically important. Organ donation is crucial to saving the lives of these patients. Highly appreciated that you can spare a few minutes to register your wish of donating organs at the Centralised Organ Donation Register ( and inform your family members. Please visit and managed by the Department of Health for relevant information. Let us join hands in supporting organ donation to help the ones in need.
Heart Transplantation
Knowing about Heart Transplantation and the criteria for Heart Donor
Lung Transplantation
Lung Transplantation and The criteria for Lung Donor