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Restricted Visiting Arrangement by Advanced Booking (Updated on 5th September 2022)

Restricted Visiting Arrangement by Advanced Booking

(Updated on 5th September 2022)


Freni Care and Attention Home (the Home) will revise the restricted visiting arrangement by advanced booking in accordance with the latest guidelines issued by the Social Welfare Department with effect from 5th September 2022. All visitors should observe the following measures: (Visitors should arrive at the Home 30 minutes before the scheduled visiting time for registration.)



1 The Home will serve 4 visiting sessions daily.


1st session : 10:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.

2nd session : 12:30 noon to 1 p.m.

3rd session : 3 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

4th session : 6 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.



2 Each floor accommodates visit arrangement for 2 different residents in each session, and each resident will be arranged for visit by one registered visitor. No eating and drinking during the visit. 



3 Each resident might schedule for one visit per week (Mondays to Sundays) on first-come-first serve basis. The Home accepts bookings within one week and two days (by 1 p.m.) before the visit day.



4 The Home accepts bookings with WhatsApp (text message only) as follows; 


4.1 WhatsApp number : 9768-0767


4.2 Visitors are required to provide relevant information including i) their full name, ii) the resident's full name, and iii) the preferred visiting date and session (choose one session only). 


4.3 The Home has the right to arrange other session to visitors when their preferred sessions were filled, visitors may accept or reject the arrangement, or assign other person to take up the visit arrangement with the full name provided 24 hours before the visit day by WhatsApp.


4.4 The Home will revert within 24 hours during office hours in weekdays.



5 People not permitted to visit the Home under any circumstances included those:


5.1 Starting from August 9 2022, confirmed cases will be categorised as persons with a Red Code, and inbound persons from overseas places or Taiwan will be categorised as persons with an Amber Code. Their Vaccine Pass QR codes will be displayed in red or amber accordingly. Persons under the category of Red Code or Amber Code cannot enter residential care homes for the elderly in the capacity of a visitor; and


5.2 Who are symptomatic such as fever, respiratory symptoms or sudden loss of smell/taste at the time of visiting.



6 The visitors have complied with relevant requirements in order to conduct the visit. The relevant requirements are listed below:


6.1 From September 5 onwards, all visitors, apart from continuing to fulfil the Government's COVID-19 vaccination requirements as set out in the Vaccine Pass, are required to undergo polymerase chain reaction-based nucleic acid tests for COVID-19 (PCR tests), with the specimen collected from the visitor within 48 hours prior to the visit, and provide negative PCR test results in order to visit RCHs. Visitors may opt for Community Testing Centres or mobile specimen collection stations, where free testing services will be provided if they indicate to the staff on-site that the purpose of the testing is for fulfilling the requirements for visiting RCHs. Taking into account the epidemic developments and the protection of RCH residents as the priority target group, recovered persons who have tested positive in the past three months are also required to undergo the above PCR tests.


6.2 If the visitor has not taken COVID-19 vaccine due to health reasons with written proofs provided by doctors, must have obtained negative results from polymerase chain reaction-based nucleic acid tests for COVID-19 within 48 hours as well as negative RAT results conducted at the designated area in the RCHs prior to the visit. 



7 Visitors are required to register at security station of the Home upon arrival:


7.1 Please scan "LeaveHomeSafe" outside the gate and provide the "Vaccine Pass” to the security guard for verification;


7.2 Provide negative PCR test results obtained within 48 hours;


7.3 Present the identity document and the registered contact telephone number to the security guard for review;



8 Visitors are required to complete the declaration form with their full name, travel and contact history etc. People are not permitted for visits include those: who fail to present identity proof; refuse to complete declaration form; who are under quarantine order or medical surveillance; visited overseas who are currently required to undergo compulsory quarantine and compulsory testing; who have been in contact with confirmed case of COVID-19 under home confinement or pending result; who have fever, upper respiratory tract symptoms, new loss of taste or smell or diarrhea. The Home reserves all rights to take legal action against those who make false statement. 


(Your patience and understanding are appreciated when proceeding registration.)



9 Entry permits to the Home will be granted by security guard with the aforesaid valid information provided. The nurses or health workers in dormitories will verify the COVID-19 test result and vaccination records again. 



10 Visitors should wear surgical masks and stay in the designated visiting area. They may use the public toilets near the nurse station if needed, while walking around the Home is prohibited. Visitors should avoid physical contacts with residents, and the Home will arrange clear partitions between visitors and residents for infection control. They should avoid contacts with other individuals aside the respective resident during the scheduled visits. For enquiries, visitors are suggested to contact the Home staff by phone after the scheduled visits.



11 The above arrangements apply to all residents including those who stay in single rooms, that visits will be arranged direct at their bedrooms and visitors should maintain proper social distance and avoid physical contacts with residents. The outing application of caregivers follows the latest rules and regulations of the Home.



12 To ensure visiting arrangement in an orderly manner and visitors’ compliance to all infection control measures, the Home will consider visitors who violate the measures are giving up their rights to schedule visits for the following week, such as fail to wear surgical facemask, arrange more than one visitors, refuse to leave when visit session ends, unauthorized removal of partitions for physical contacts with residents, entry to non-designated area and residents’ room (except for visits in single rooms) etc.



The Home continues to support residents’ connection with their relatives and friends as follows;


1) Video call service by appointment through Social Work Department.


2) Drop-off service at security station operates from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. daily for sending necessities to residents and/or caregivers.


3) Telephone enquiry to catch up with residents' condition



Our Home will review the above-mentioned policy continuously in accordance with the latest development of the diseases. Thank you for your cooperation.




5th September 2022