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Arrangement for private care-takers of residents (1/12/2020)

In view of current COVID-19 pandemic in Hong Kong and to prevent importing COVID-19 into our Home, the followings policies in regard to private care-takers of residents take immediate effect:-



1.       Private care-takers are required to stay in our Home round-the-clock.  Except those private care-takers who have gone out due to hospitalization of the residents, re-entry is not allowed for private care-takers after outing.


2.       Upon residents’ discharge from the hospitals, private care-takers concerned can apply re-entry into our Home with valid negative COVID-19 test reports. After verification of reports by our Home, private care-takers have to re-enter into our Home within three calendar days from the issue dates of the corresponding COVID-19 test reports. After outing, both the private care-takers and residents require self-isolation within their bedrooms for at least 14 days.


3.       Daily necessities (except monetary cases) to residents/ private care-takers shall be left to our security guard on G/F. Our staff will deliver the items to the residents/care-takers concerned. Service hours of the above-mentioned are from 8:00am to 7:30pm.


4.       Our staff would continue to take temperature of the residents’ private care-takers every day for infection surveillance. For any private care-taker whose temperature is equivalent to or higher than 37.6 degree Celsius or who is presenting any COVID-19 symptoms, he/she is required to leave our Home immediately.



If any residents/ relatives/ friends/ private care-takers do not accept the aforesaid rules, it is their own choice to keep or to stop the private care-takers’ staying in our Home. Our Home would surely continue to provide appropriate care to all residents in compliance to the licensing standards set out by the Social Welfare Department. Other policies or arrangements related to visit to our Home remain unchanged.



Our Home will review the policy continuously in accordance to the latest developments of the disease.  Thank you for your cooperation.