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Freni Care and Attention Home Suspension of Visit (Updated on 08/07/2020)

Since several COVID-19 confirmed cases have been identified in an elderly home in Hong Kong and The Secretary for Food and Health has emphasized again that social distancing is key to delay the spread of COVID-19, Freni Care and Attention Home takes the following measures with immediate effect:-


1.       To suspend visit by relatives/ friends/ private care-takers of the residents;


2.       If any private care-taker wants to continue staying in our Home for caring for a resident in single room, he/she is required to stay in our Home round-the-clock.  Our Home does NOT allow any private care-taker’s re-entry into the dormitory after going out.  In addition, our staff would take temperature of the residents’ private care-takers every day for infection surveillance.  If any residents/ relatives/ friends/ private care-takers do not accept the aforesaid rules, it is their own choice to keep or to stop the private care-takers’ staying in our Home.  Our Home would surely continue to provide appropriate care to all residents in compliance to the licensing standards set out by the Social Welfare Department.


3.       Video call service with residents can be booked in advance with our Social Work Department;


4.       If relatives/ friends/ private care-takers want to bring daily necessities to the residents/ private care-takers, they can leave the items to our security guard on G/F.  Our staff will deliver the items to the residents/ private care-takers concerned in the dormitories. Disposable containers are recommended for food delivery. Service hours of the above-mentioned are from 8:00am to 7:30pm; and


5.       Relatives/ friends can contact our nurses/ health workers on duty by telephone for enquiry about the residents’ condition.


Our Home will review the above-mentioned policy continuously in accordance to the latest development of the disease.  Thank you for your cooperation.