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Freni Care and Attention Home - Visits by advanced booking (Updated on 18/6/2020)

Maintaining social distancing is key to delay the spread of COVID-19 in Hong Kong. To prevent infection into our Home, visit to our Home by any relatives / friends / private care-takers of the residents was suspended from late March to mid May 2020. Then, our Home has resumed visits in limited extent with advanced booking arrangement since 18/5/2020. After reviewing updated Hong Kong government policies related to the pandemic, revised details of visits by advanced booking are as follows:



1.  Starting from 19/6/2020, visiting hours will be extended up to 4 hours per session, with two visiting sessions each day:

- First session: 9:00am to 1:00pm

- Second session: 3:00pm to 7:00pm


2.  During each visiting session, each floor allows relatives/ friends/ private care-takers of 5 different residents to visit, in a limit of one visitor per resident only.


3.  Advanced booking visits can be made once per week for each resident (cutoff from Monday to Sunday). Booking will be approved on first-come-first-served basis. Advanced booking can be made no earlier than one week and no later than 2 working days (by 1:00pm) prior to your preferred visiting session. 


4.  Advanced booking shall be made through WhatsApp:

- WhatsApp number: 5430-5358 (For 1/F, 2/F, 3/F, 7/F residents’ visit arrangement)


  WhatsApp number: 5438-2440 (For 4/F, 5/F, 6/F residents’ visit arrangement)


- Any relative can apply for one visit session during booking. Details with resident’s full name/ visitor’s full name/ proposed visiting date and time slot must be provided in text-message format for booking purpose. Our Home will confirm the proposed booking/ arrange another visiting session/ reject the booking if the proposed session is fully booked. If the applying visitor is not available for the approved visiting session, he/ she can either give up the visit or to transfer the visit quota to another person for visiting the same resident. For transfer of visit quota, the applying visitor should provide full name of the updated visitor through WhatsApp text-message to prepare for identity verification by security guard during his/her visit.


After receiving booking through WhatsApp text-message, our Home will reply within 24 hours. (Except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)


Upon arrival at our Home, visitors shall provide identity cards/ documents to the security guard for identity verification. Visitors may be required to provide confirmation WhatsApp text-message from our Home if there are any controversies over their visits. 


After verifying identity by the security guard, a visitor will be required to proceed visitor registration. He/ she must provide his/ her Chinese/ English full name in block letters and to declare his/ her travel history, contact history with confirmed COVID-19 case, etc. If any visitor is not able to provide his/ her identity cards/ documents for verification/ refuse to provide the aforesaid information as required during registration/ has travel history in the past 14 days/ has been in contact with confirmed case in the past 28 days/ under medical surveillance/ with fever/ upper respiratory tract symptoms/ diarrhea, our Home will cancel the scheduled visit of the visitor concerned. Our Home also reserves all rights to pursue legal action against any visitor who provides non-truthful information or declaration.

(Note: Please be patient with the registration process)



5.  Visitors must put on surgical masks. All approved visits shall be confined to the designated zone in the dining rooms and vicinity of the nurse stations. During the visit, every visitor should only interact with the resident concerned and avoid interaction with other personnel in our Home. Enquiry towards our staff should be made by phone, instead of in person during the visits.



6.  Resident in single room follows the same arrangement as above for visit in advanced booking. During the period, if any carer of a resident in single room wants to continue caring for the resident in our Home, he/she is still advised to stay in our Home round-the-clock. In case of genuine need, a carer can apply for outing once per week (cutoff from Monday to Sunday) for eight hours at maximum with effective from 19th June 2020. He/ she can go out no earlier than 8:00 am and back to our Home no later than 7:30pm. If any carer’s outing exceeds the eight-hour limit, re-entry into our Home is not allowed until our further notice. After outing, self-isolation is not required. However, if the carer or the resident under his/ her care develops fever/ upper respiratory tract symptoms/ diarrhea within 14 days after his/ her outing , the carer may have to leave our Home temporarily until he/ she obtains medical certification from registered medical practitioner, certifying the carer is not a confirmed COVID-19 case. Resident concerned must seek for medical consultation and requires self-isolation within his/ her bedroom. Duration of self-isolation varies, in accordance to the resident’s health condition.     



Following measures will continue:

1.  Video call service with residents can be booked in advance with our Social Work Department;


2.  If relatives / friends / private care-takers want to bring daily necessities to the residents/carers, they can leave the items to our security guard on G/F.  Our staff will deliver the items to the residents/ carers concerned in the dormitories. Disposable containers are recommended for food delivery. Service hours of the above-mentioned are from 8:00am to 7:30pm; and


3.  Relatives can contact our nurses / health workers on duty by telephone for enquiry about residents’ condition.



Our Home will review the above-mentioned policy continuously in accordance to the latest developments of the disease.  Thank you for your cooperation.