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Asthma and Environment

Asthma and Environment


Asthma is a common respiratory illness due to allergic inflammation of respiratory tract. It results in mucosal swelling and obstruction of the small airways. Symptoms of asthma include periodic cough, wheeze and shortness of breath. Asthma is commonly seen. 10-15% of children and 6-8% of adult is affected by asthma.


 Asthmatic attack is related to Environment

Avoid contact with allergens, e.g. dustmites, cats and dogs.
Watch out for change of weather as cold weather may trigger attacks.
Reduce contacts with pollutants, e.g. second hand smoking.


Symptoms of Asthma


Frequent cough, especially at night, during exercise and after laughing aloud.
Wheezing sound may be heard while breathing
Difficulty in breathing


Asthma is associated with allergic illnesses.



Preventive Measures for Asthma


  1. Keep home humidity low e.g. use de humidifier if precipitation occurs on the wall
  2. Facilitate circulation of fresh air
  3. Change bed linen regularly to avoid accumulation of dust
  4. Avoid soft fury stuffed animals
  1. Stop smoking at home
  2. Eat adequate fruits and vegetables
  3. Eat fishes which are rich in polyunsaturated fat, e.g. salmon and sea bass
  4. Reduce salt intake
  5. Consult your doctor early if symptoms occur