Application Guidelines

Procedures of grant application

January - February

Proposal received


The Association issues an acknowledge of receipt within 14 calendar days via email


The Association conducts an initial screening to ensure that application forms are properly filled in and the proposal is in line with the funding criteria


If information is not enough/ missing, the Association informs applicant to provide further information before the deadline


After the deadline, the Assocation passes the applications to the advisors of the Committee for vetting


Advsiors review the application on the basis of its scientific merits and whether it falls into priority areas of the research, and make recommendations and grading (Advisor may seek opinions from external reviewers if necessary)


The Association submits the advisor's assessment to the Assessment Panel of the Committee for decision and approval


The Finance Committee and Board of the Association will be informed after the decision was made


The Association notifies  applicants of decisions by mail


The Association and the grantees enter into grant agreements


Disbursement of funding according to schedule



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