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4R Concept: Reduce, Replace, Reuse and Recycle

4R Concept: Reduce, Replace, Reuse and Recycle

4R concept means Reduce, Replace, Reuse and Recycle. By practicing the 4R concept in our daily life, we can reduce the production of wastes and use the resources more effectively.


1) Reduce
Reduce the use of unnecessary material and energy. Example :
Buy only what you really need
'Bring your own bag' while shopping
Buy home care product with family size
Reduce the use of tissue paper
Reduce disposable eating utensils
Use environmental-friendly material
3) Reuse
Reuse resources if possible. Example :
Use both sides of paper
Reuse plastic bags
Reuse containers


2) Replace
Replace goods which are harmful to the environment by environmental friendly ones. Example :
Buy returnable bottled drinks
Store food in boxes instead of using plastic wrapping films
Use rechargeable batteries or AC electricity instead of disposable battery
4) Recycle
Classify and recycle garbage
Garbage could be separated and collected by contractors, and recycled into new materials/products finally, e.g. recycled paper.
Advantages of Recycling:
Reduce the amount of garbage produced.
Enable the Earth's resources to be sustained continuously.