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Second Hand Smoking

Second Hand Smoking


Over 4 million of people died of smoking according to the information from the World Health Organization. A significant proportion of deaths is related to second hand smoking.


 Around 4,500 kinds of chemicals are released in burning cigarette. Over 60 of them are classified as carcinogens or suspected carcinogens.

 Exposure to smoker, or so-called passive smoker, second hand smoking, etc. is closely related to various health problems.


 These chemicals are harmful to human body:


 Children are particularly susceptible to passive smoking:


 Increase the risk of respiratory infection

 Increase the risk of middle ear effusion

 Reduce the performance of lung

  Increase the frequency of asthmatic attack

 Increase the risk of sudden infant death


Preventive Measures for Second Hand Smoking 


 Protect children from second hand smoking

 Encourage parent to quit smoking

 Stop smoking at home

 Establish non-smoking zone in public area