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Indoor - The Effects of Air Pollution on Health

Indoor - The Effects of Air Pollution on Health


Scientific evidence reveals that poor indoor air quality is related to health issues as shown:


These are collections of non-specific symptoms that affect people living in a particular building. The cause of Sick Building Syndrome may be attributed to poor circulation of central air conditioning.
Eye irritation Upper respiratory tract discomfort Sneezing and nose blocking Flu like symptoms Chest discomfort
Rash and itchiness Headache Sleepiness Anxious Poor concentration


These are the clinical diagnoses for which specific causes can be found. The causes are related to pollutants within a building.
Allergic Response:
  Inhalation of spores of some specific fungi can lead to pneumonia
Legionnaires' Disease: one type of atypical
Humidifier fever
Allergic reaction due to formaldehyde.

Long time exposure to radon can lead to increasing risk of having cancer.