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Side effect of Anti-tuberculosis chemotherapy

Side Effect of Anti-Tuberculosis Chemotherapy:

Most people have no side effect from the following chemotherapy. You should consult your doctor if you have the following side effect.

1) Isoniazid

- Fatigue

- Headache

- Concentration disturbance

- Skin rash

2) Pyrazinamide

- Stomach-intestine disorder

- Arthritic pain

- Skin rash

3) Rifampicin

- Stomach-intestine disorder

- Skin rash

- Other medicine can loose their effectiveness because of drug interaction; should you take contraceptive pill or medicine that thin the blood, do consult your doctor

- Appearance of red discoloration of the urine, stool and other body-fluids. The red colouring-matter can damage contact lenses permanently

4) Streptomycin

- Dizziness

- Deafness

- Skin rash

5) Ethambutol

- To differentiate colors more difficult, sometime one's vision is impaired

Do not hesitate to contact your doctor, or the doctor or nurse of the Health Centre against Tuberculosis if :

- you have doubt in using the right medicine,

- you have any complaints about the medicine, or

- you have other questions about the treatment.