Health Tips


What is Blood Pressure(BP): 


  • Blood Pressure: the pressure on the blood vessel wall when the heart pump out the blood into the vessels.
  • Systolic BP (Upper BP): the pressure when the heart contracts.
  • Diastolic BP (Lower BP): the pressure when the heart relaxes. 



Normal Blood Pressure is not constant:


BP will increase with anxiety, exercise, and other stress.



    24-hour blood pressure change in normal individuals


What is Hypertension:


Blood Pressure persistently to be higher than 140/90 mmHg at rest.


1. Causes:


Primary hypertension / no known causes

Secondary Hypertension, eg. Renal Disease, Renal Artery Narrowing


2. Symptoms:



Majority is symptom-free.

Minority has headaches, dizziness, fatigue


3. Complications:

Heart Failure

Coronary Heart Disease


( Cerebral Hemorrhage)

Renal Failure



4. Drug therapy:


Various drugs can control the blood pressure and reduce the complications effectively.

     - Take medicine on time

     - Take medicine regularly

     - Regular check-up


5. Prevention:


Healthy life style:



Stop smoking

Keep desirable weight



Moderate exercise

Control salt-intake


Check BP every two years in adults