Community Involvement
Date 2016-01-16
Event 2nd Family Health Ambassador Training Programme – Reunion Day and Health Talk 1 : Breast and Bowel Cancer
Organization Peggy Lam Health Promotion & Education Centre

A Reunion Day Cum Health Talk was held on Saturday, 16 January 2015 from 9:30 am to 12:00 nn at the Lecture Room, Peggy Lam Health Promotion and Education Centre of the Association as a post Programme activity for the ambassadors. A total of 31 participants enrolled in the health talk. Details are listed as follows:





Ms. Alexis Wong

Nurse (Professional Counseling on Cancer Prevention & Early Detection)

Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society

Diet and Cancer

Breast and Bowel Cancer

Mrs. Wong Chung Wai Fun,

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

HKTBA Chinese Medicine Clinic

Treating Bowel Cancer in Chinese Medicine Perspectives